The 20 Lehman Systemic Risk Indicators

LehMan Systemic Risk Indicators

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Every Investor’s Bible To Avoiding The Next Market Crash

In every market selloff, there are always signs of trouble before equities crash. If we carefully examine the last big recessions, when investors were blind-sided by a tidal wave of selling, there were always obvious indications of trouble long before the crash.

These indicators were screaming “SELL!” just before the elevator shaft drop in the markets in the summer of 2011 and 2012. They were also screaming “BUY!” on November 16th of 2012, just before a near record run in the S&P 500.

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With global credit and equity markets well bid for most of July and August, and the 5th Year Anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ Collapse on September 15th, we are revisiting our leading systemic risk indicators – the ones we’ve been monitoring since 2006.

Some are long term, some short, some investor-sentiment driven, others meticulously follow interbank trust. By themselves they mean very little, but collectively they provide a 20,000 foot view of global market risks.

Find out which indicators are looking very interesting in this brand new presentation, covering all 20 indicators in detail. It is a 45-page Investing Bible that has taken a team of Wall Street’s top analysts to compile over the last seven years.

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The 20 Lehman Brothers Systemic Risk Indicators are available for the first time to those who are not subscribers to our investing letter, “Bear Traps.” It is something every serious investor should have in his toolbox of strategies.

To Own A Copy Of The 20 Lehman Systemic Risk Indicators, contact Larry directly at or call 1-877-888-7841.


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