March 29, 2016

The Bear Traps Report – Investing from the Beating Heart of Wall Street

The Bear Traps report is a weekly independent investment newsletter focusing on global political and systemic risk with actionable trade ideas. The service is tailored for asset managers, hedge funds, financial advisers, traders and more. Our report allows investors to spend a lot less time diving through research reports. We strive to get to the meat of what is moving markets.

Receive specific investments, buys & sells, and the themes ACG Analytics believe are moving the markets. From fixed income, stocks, commodities and volatility, The Bear Traps Report reveals the dangers, but guides investors along the pathways to safety.

Bottom line: Our Subscribers have access to what the ACG Analytics Team are thinking, and where they believe the markets are going next.

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THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT can be anywhere!

The Bear Traps Report in cooperation with the ACG Analytics Team uncovers specific opportunities in a variety of investment sectors, as they understands and share with their subscribers how these macroeconomic forces affect different asset classes, which can often lead to excellent opportunities, but sometimes pinpoint a potential disaster long before it happens. This will help investors by gauging the risk vs reward and spot the opportune moment to deploy capital in:

  • US Credit – Full analysis of US Credit Markets. Treasuries & Corporate Bonds.
  • US Economy – In depth look at the economic conditions in the US.
  • US Housing – Review of where housing is headed, complete with trade ideas.
  • US Markets –  Examination of equity markets, packed with trades and warnings.
  • Europe – Political and credit analysis of the Eurozone.
  • Asia – Keeping a watchful eye on China and Japanese risks.
  • Emerging Markets – Always searching for the great buy signals, and risks.
  • Commodities – Tracking gold, oil and the mining markets.
  • Trading Ideas – See our positions, with asset allocations.

Hire This Team

Our Team includes 22 analysts in New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, Dublin, Frankfurt, Beijing, Puerto Rico and Brazil. ACG Analytics operates at the intersection of capital markets and federal government policy-making.

Along with actionable trade ideas, we provide clients with a timely, first-hand look at global political market moving events. Our teams on the ground in New York, Toronto, Washington, Puerto Rico, Brussels, Dublin, Rio (Brazil) and Beijing (China) bring you closer to what is moving markets.

“The Bear Traps Report” in cooperation with the ACG Analytics Team of razor sharp analysts, is a comprehensive, beady-eyed look at the global markets, unraveling the complexities of the credit markets, and translating it into pure common sense for the seasoned professional, and also for Main Street, for people just trying to beat the markets.

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