Bear Traps: Investing from
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CNBC December 2013 — Newedge USA Chief U.S. Credit, Equity and Policy Strategist Larry McDonald. Classic fear in gold markets represent a great buying opportunity. Receive specific investments, buys & sells, and the themes Larry’s team of analysts believe are moving the markets.

From fixed income, stocks, commodities and volatility, Bear Traps reveals the dangers, but guides investors along the pathways to safety.

Bottom line: Subscribers know what Larry and the team are thinking, and where they believe the markets are going next.


BEAR TRAPS can be anywhere!

Larry McDonald and his team uncover specific opportunities in a variety of investment sectors. Larry understands, and shares with his subscribers, how these macroeconomic forces affect different asset classes, which can often lead to excellent opportunities, but sometimes pinpoint a potential disaster long before it happens.

  1. US Credit - Full analysis of US Credit Markets. Treasuries & Corporate Bonds.
  2. US Economy - In depth look at the economic conditions in the US.
  3. US Housing - Review of where housing is headed, complete with trade ideas.
  4. US Markets -  Examination of equity markets, packed with trades and warnings.
  5. Europe - Political and credit analysis of the Eurozone.
  6. Asia - Keeping a watchful eye on China and Japanese risks.
  7. Emerging Markets - Always searching for the great buy signals, and risks.
  8. Commodities - Tracking gold, oil and the mining markets.
  9. Trading Ideas - See our positions, with asset allocations.
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Hire This Team

Larry McDonald’s 25 years on Wall Street is now yours to leverage. Trade the opportunities and risks in the markets.

Larry’s New York Times bestselling book, “A Colossal Failure of Common Sense,” outlines his time at Lehman, and how this fabled institution crashed head-on at 167 miles per hour into the largest financial iceberg in the history of finance, causing a global meltdown on an unprecedented scale.

Now, he publishes “Bear Traps” with a team of razor sharp Wall Street analysts, which is a comprehensive, beady-eyed look at the global markets, unravelling the complexities of the credit markets, and translating it into pure common sense for the seasoned professional, and also for Main Street, for people just trying to beat the markets.

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Larry has spent a lifetime in the trenches of Wall Street and has never been slain by the markets.

He was a senior distressed debt trader at Lehman Brothers, on a team that once made $250 million in one day trading the Delta Airlines bonds as they emerged from bankruptcy. In 2007, their enormous short positions in the US housing markets made close to $2 billion. A few people still think that if Larry and his team were in charge of Lehman Brothers, it would still be around today.


I have followed Larry for the last 18 months, first hearing him on Bloomberg discussing his book, “Colossal Failure of Common Sense.” After reading the Lehman Brothers story, I became a big fan. I now subscribe to “Bear Traps” which is based on his now famous 20 systemic risk indicators. As a retail financial advisor, I have witnessed four “once in a lifetime” events: 1987, the Tech Bubble, 9-11, and Lehman. After the last fiasco, I looked for “Independent Research” that would protect my clients from futures crashes. I truly believe I found it in “Bear Traps.” I sleep much better knowing the risk indicators are being monitored 24–7, ensuring the next disaster doesn’t rob my clients of their hard-earned wealth. I encourage any advisor to subscribe to Bear Traps. It will provide you with the confidence to be proactive instead of following the Industry’s mantra of “buy and hold”, which means, “sit and take it”. The world has too many fat-tail, life altering risks to comfortably advise clients without a “safety net.” “Bear Traps” is mine.

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