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Washington’s legislative and regulatory processes are opaque, making it difficult for business professionals to anticipate and adapt to the dynamic real world impact of policy decisions. More than ever, business professionals need transparency and clarity on decision-making out of Washington.

DC Tripwire is an alert service that provides timely and actionable analysis of Washington events in terms that private sector can understand. DC Tripwire empowers busy business professionals with a succinct, real-time research and analytic tool that covers ongoing federal legislative and regulatory activities across all major industrial sectors, including: financial services; healthcare; energy and the environment; transportation; telecom; defense and homeland security ; and programs like financial regulatory reform; healthcare reform; the stimulus bill; and cap and trade global warming legislation.

DC Tripwire is sponsored by ACG Analytics, Inc., an independent investment research firm that advises top-tier institutional investors on how anticipated policy actions will likely impact their portfolios. ACG Analytics leverages and draws upon three decades of bi-partisan, bi-cameral experience of its principals and those of American Continental Group, Inc., its affiliated advocacy firm, from Capitol Hill, the White House, executive agencies, think tanks and trade associations, and the private sector. American Continental Group is a premier government affairs and strategic consulting firm that has been serving as a trusted advisor for more than fifteen years to some of the country’s largest businesses, states and municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

Weekly Capitol Alerts
Our weekly alerts come out every Monday and Friday, and provide the inside edge on the gamut of executive, legislative, regulatory and political action that occurs during the week. More than just a recap, these alerts keep you a step ahead of material legislation and regulations that will emerge during the week and provide you advance notice of any changing winds blowing through DC’s corridors of power.

Daily Capitol Alerts
Our daily alerts are timely and succinct — yet thorough — insight pieces that cover ongoing federal legislative and regulatory activities across all major policy sectors, including financial services, healthcare, energy and environment, transportation, telecommunications, defense, homeland security and more. Our research team use a proprietary “mosaic” analytical approach that couples substantive sectoral expertise with a deep understanding of DC’s unique power dynamics to provide an invaluable resource for the smart investor or corporate executive who needs to stay on top of what happens in Washington given the government’s broad role in today’s — and tomorrow’s — marketplace.

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