July 14, 2009


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Financial and trading expert Lawrence McDonald is one of the most in-demand keynote speakers for high-powered banking audiences. His expertise and ability to teach audiences about the dangers in the modern markets makes him an ideal choice for a large conference, or a private client event. His institutional bond trading experience, political risk research, and deep understanding of Systemic Risk has made him an indispensable consultant to some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Past Speaking Events:
• Financial Olympus National Prize (Moscow, Russia)
• National Bank of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
• Rand Merchant Bank (South Africa)
• Barclays / ABSA (South Africa)
• Hartford Insurance Company (New York City)
• IBM (Seattle)
• Walkers Global (San Francisco)
• Regulatory Compliance (Boca Raton)
• Montreal Stock Exchange (Canada)
• Calamos Mutual Funds (Chicago)
• Franklin Templeton (Los Angeles)
• Danske Bank (Norway)


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What Our Friends Said:

Fantastic lecture.

Fantastic lecture. The clients loved it. Packed with lifelong trading and risk management lessons

Danske Bank, Norway

Thoroughly enjoyable

Thoroughly enjoyable. A wealth of information.

Franklin Templeton Investments

A very clever way

A very clever way to use the past mistakes to predict the future. His lecture about global market risk was extremely valuable for our team of asset managers.

Hartford Mutual Funds

I loved it.

I loved it. You’ll have to come again next year.

University of Florida
Ethics and Leadership Department

Larry’s presentation is a treasure

Larry’s presentation is a treasure chest full of Business Ethics, Sustainability and Risk Management Lessons.

Harvard Business School

Larry McDonald give the keynote

Larry McDonald give the keynote speech at our financial advisor risk summit. Bear Traps provides a unique overview of global political risks, which are moving markets like never before.

Robert Behan
President, Calamos Investments
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