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ACG Analytics is an independent investment research firm that advises its clients on how anticipated policy actions will impact their portfolios. ACG operates at the nexus between capital markets and federal public policy-making.

Our team has been working with ACG since 2007, both as a client and a partner. Year in and year out they add tremendous value to our investment decision process. In today’s market, it’s very difficult to manage risk with out a steady hand on the global political risk pulse.

Every year, there are a number of political impact events / trades that have wide, global market implications. In the post-Lehman world, there’s never been a more important time to stay on top of political, market moving events. ACG gives us the front row seat we need to make those confident investment decisions. We highly recommend them.

ACG Analytics provides hedge funds and asset managers with bespoke Washington, Eurozone, Latin Am and Beijing policy research.  In the post Lehman world, since 2010 the VIX has made 8 moves over 20, six of those surges had a political genesis.  I’ve been working with the firm since 2007, both as a client and a partner.  Every year, there are a number of political impact events / trades that have wide, global market implications.

  • Russia / Ukraine (2014)
  • Puerto Rico (2014)
  • Argentina (2001, 2014)
  • India Elections (2014)
  • Greece (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Washington Gov Shutdown (2013)
  • Washington Fiscal Cliff (2012)
  • Italy Budget Crisis (2011)
  • China Credit Markets (2013)
  • Fannie and Freddie (2008, 2013, 2014)
  • General Motors Bankruptcy (2009)
  • Debt Ceiling / US Downgrade (2011)

Since Lehman, over and over again markets have been getting hit over the head with political curve balls.  Staying on top of political policy has never been more important in the art of managing risk for clients.  ACG Analytics counts as their clients 15 of the largest 30 hedge funds.

ACG Analytics is able to leverage and draw upon three decades of bipartisan, bi-cameral experiences of American Continental Group’s principals from Capitol Hill, the White House, executive agencies, think tanks and trade associations, and the private sector. Each one of these institutions plays a role in every significant decision made in Washington, and we understand the key players who will be influencing these policies.

We provide the critical insight and political interpretation necessary to understand the full business impact of a particular decision, learn more about our premium services.

We evaluate the ramifications across all major sectors, including financial services, health care, energy and the environment, transportation, defense and homeland security. We analyze the impact of agency regulations and spending programs on specific industries, sectors of the economy, and companies.

ACG Analytics’ services are unique because of our clear understanding of Wall Street, having worked closely with our financial services clients for nearly 15 years. More importantly, however, it is our cultural understanding of Washington that separates us from others. Our team has the in-depth knowledge base necessary to inform you of legislative and regulatory implications before they impact you.

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