2012 Press Interviews

CNBC http://www.cnbc.com/id/100342196/Expect_Rally_Then_Sell_It_McDonald

CNBC 12/30/12 http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000137790&play=1

CNBC 12/28/12 http://video.msnbc.msn.com/cnbc/50288963#50288963

Bloomberg 12/26/12

Bloomberg 12/26/12
12/3/2012 Fox Business News: Is There Progress On The Fiscal Cliff Behind The Scenes?

11/27/12 CNBC Fast Money:‘Fiscal Cliff’ Risks, Rewards Await Investors: Pros

11/21/12 CNBC: Recent Market Sell-off Not So Serious

11/19/12 CNBC: Fiscal Cliff Casualties: What to Buy Now?

10/19/12 CNBC: Larry Kudlow and Larry McDonald Break Apart Election 2012’s Best Portfolios

10/13/12 CNBC: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald On The Shake-Up at Citi

10/13/12 CNBC: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald On Q3 Earnings Season

10/15/12 Fox Business: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald Trading and Investing Election 2012

10/7/12 CNBC: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald on the Fiscal Cliff’s Long Term Implications

10/12/12 CNBC: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald, Trading the Fiscal Cliff

10/3/12 CNBC: Newedge USA’s Larry McDonald on Taking Down Risk

9/25/12 Bloomberg: Larry McDonald, Are dividend stocks going off the Fiscal

9/26/12 BNN: Larry McDonald, Systemic Risk Indicators on the Rise

9/17/12 CNBC: Is the Fed Creating More Systemic Risk?

9/16/12 Fox Business: QE3 and Too Big to Fail, Why We’re Still at Risk

9/13/12 Bloomberg: The Mass Senate Race and What it Means for Wall St.

9/10//12 CNBC: The Prospects of Ending Too Big to Fail

8/31/12 BNN: ECB Bond Buying

8/31/12 Bloomberg TV: Jackson Hole, it’s all about Europe

8/30/12 CNBC’s Fast Money: Prospects for QE3 coming out of the Fed?

8/28/12 Fox Business: What to Expect from Jackson Hole & Europe

8/3/12 Bloomberg TV: Knight Capital and the SEC and the Future of Electronic Trading

7/23/12 CNBC’s Fast Money: Is Spain Next in Line for a Bailout?

7/20/12 CNBC: Is Chinese GDP the New Libor?

7/5/12 Fox Business: Outlook for Friday’s Jobs Report

7/3/12 Bloomberg: Trading Political Risks Coming from Europe

7/3/12 CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo: The Future of Living Wills for Colossal Banks, Will it End Too Big to Fail?

6/29/12 Bloomberg: Rewind

6/27/12 Fox’s Neil Cavoto: Discussing the EU Summit and its Impact on the 2012 Presidential Election

6/26/12 Arab Bankers Association: Risk Management in the Wake of the Great Financial Crisis

6/18/12 CNBC: Analysis of the Greek Elections

6/14/12 CNBC’s Fast Money, Newedge Senior Director Larry McDonald, Trading
Volatility Ahead of the EU Summit

6/13/12 Fox Business,  Newedge Senior Director Larry McDonald on the Future
of Prop Trading and the Volcker Rule

6/5/12 Author Larry McDonald’s Keynote Speech at IBM Performance Analytics
CFO Risk Summit

6/1/12 CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo & Newedge Senior Director Larry McDonald,
Where’s that Bazooka?

5/29/12 Bloomberg TV,  McDonald Speaking at IBM on Spain, Greece and
Decision 2012

February 23, 2012, “Fast Money” on CNBC

February 21, 2012, Fox Business

February 20, 2012, “The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield” Radio Program

February 15, 2012, “Rewind with Matt Miller” on Bloomberg

January 30, 2012, “Squawk Box” on CNBC Asia

January 26, 2012, “Fast Money” on CNBC:  Are Bears Still Prowling Wall Street?

January 16, 2012, “Cavuto” on Fox Business

January 16, 2012, Fox Business:  Larry McDonald Gives Outlook for Eurozone

January 13, 2012, “Cavuto” on Fox Business:  How Much Risk Does U.S. Face From Europe?

January 12, 2012, “Squawk Box” on CNBC Asia:  Risks to Financials Will Clear Up This Year

January 11, 2012, TheStreet.com

January 11, 2012, Business Insider:  Here’s Why Bank of America Is On Such a Tear Right Now

January 10, 2012, “Payne Nation with Charles Payne” Radio Program

January 9, 2012, “Fast Money” on CNBC:  Next “Risk Off” Event From Europe

January 5, 2012, Forbes:  Crowd Sourcing the Top 2012 Twitter Stock and Market Picks

January 1, 2012, Futures Magazine:  Bonds Face Problems Abroad and at Home